Our services lines

Strategic consulting services

Strategic consulting services in the telecommunications industry. Focus on the technical-economic evaluation of network operation businesses. These services leverage available technologies and technological innovations to assess the viability and profitability of telecommunications networks.

Telecom Trust Consulting provides insights and recommendations to optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the industry.


Governance and Contract Management

Telecom Trust Consulting helps your organization to setup and follow contract governance processes and framework to manages your contractual relationships.

Sales Outsourcing

Telecom Trust Consulting helps you:

approaching the right potential customers, at the right time for effectiveness and analysing with your organization the right approach

engaging your prospects to buy your product or solution to drive results.

actively pursuing and managing all sales activities. A regular engagement is required to understand how customer requirements change alont the process.

Negotiating and Closing deals through a regular and very well structured conversations with your customers. This will ensure a clear understanding of customer needs and matching their needs to your solution to close deals and help your business growth.

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Are you planning to launch your own MVNO?

Do you have a complex project to run for new telco services o a new technology? 

Telecom Trust Consulting helps operators and enterprises to run complex telco projects.

What regulations should we comply with? What are the best vendors? What key aspects should we consider for our selection? How we can measure our project performance?